Is Jesus Worth It?

What happens when you are completely and totally focused on Jesus and the advancement of his gospel? What happens when you are willing to fight the hard fights that most will walk away from? What happens when you worship in public, like you do when you are alone in your car? What happens when you let go of the world that hinders you, and instead latch on to Jesus and the world he wants to save. What happens when you stop talking about helping others, and you actually begin to help those in need? What happens when you stop seeking applause from others, and you start seeking applause not for yourself, but for Christ. What happens when you answer “yes” to the question, “Is Jesus worth it?”

These questions have been overtaking me recently. It all started with a simple fast that turned into so much more. Then continued as the year has progressed. From Kenya to Nicaragua, from Colorado to Nigeria, God has moved in so many ways in my life. My faith is no longer a game; my struggles are no longer overwhelming. My perspective has changed on so many things due to Gods revelation and love for me. There came a moment that Paul’s message on suffering in Philippians 1 became perfectly clear. The trials we face are overcome by Jesus, and for that alone I stand amazed and ready to take on anything God places before me!

Too often Christians get comfortable in their churches. This is not surprising as the most challenging aspect of the Christian life is getting to church on time or  making sure that the service is finished early enough to beat the rush at the local buffet. There is never a thought of sharing Christ with others or simply stopping to pray for someone who is in need. The simple idea that most follow is that the way they live should be the example of how all Christians live. The problem with this methodology is that those outside the Church don’t see much difference in themselves and those that huddle together to sing songs once a week in a building dubbed “the Church.”

Instead a choice must be made. One must ask themselves am I living the Christian life God has called me to or do I need to take real action and voice my love and concern for the lost and dying world that he came to save. If we are true Christians and believe that there is a heaven and there is a hell, why do we remain so quite about it? This one question should be our mainstay, our flagship, our cry. We should cry out to the world, to the lost, that Christ is the way, the only way (John 14:6). He is our hope, our light, and the one who came to save us.

What happens when you make the choice and say yes? EVERYTHING!!!What are we waiting for Church? It is time to maintain our focus on Christ, it is time to seek the lost and the weary, it is time to cry out!

I ask once more is Jesus worth it? Absolutely… unequivocally…. yes.

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